Thursday, July 26, 2007

Armchair Seating on the Wane at Local Bookstores

It's a question that's long plagued my mind: when will bookstores realize that providing us avid readers comfy chairs in which to do our perusing might be working against them? Well, now it seems as if that a number of stores have come to precisely that conclusion, and are thus beginning to do away with the plush seating that has thrilled so many of us for so long.

As it turns out, it's just a small sliver of stores that are tired of us loungers-- Barnes & Nobles corporate, for example, promises that the decision of a few stores to cut back on their seating options is not indicative of a company wide mandate to reduce seating. And the findings here don't relate to any of the butt-numbing benches and stools that litter any given bibliotheque. But I still take it as a harbinger of things to come. Not that I ever seem to be able to find one of the soft chairs to sit in, anyway...

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