Friday, June 15, 2007

MA Stands Firm on Same-Sex Marriage Rights

To be honest, I didn't really enjoy living in the state of Massachusetts when I had to be there for graduate school. Boston was too cold for me, and too parochial in too many ways. But despite my own hard feelings about the place, today I find myself wanting the legislature of Massachusetts a big old pat on the back for defending the rights of gays in their state to marry.

Yesterday, the legislature "blocked a proposed constitutional amendment that would have let voters decide whether to ban same-sex marriage." The amendment was defeated 45-151 (it needed 50 votes to pass), which, as you can guess, it a good thing for those of us who believe that equality means giving the same right to all people (not just those we deem somehow "worthy"). No vote among the public means that same-sex marriage in Mass is safe for now... God bless all those lawmakers who stood up and just said enough already. Maybe they could have a few words with their brethren here in New York?

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