Friday, June 22, 2007

Need Another Reason to Hate Trent Lott? Got One For Ya

On Wednesday, Trent Lott, the Republican Senator from Mississippi, offered yet another example of why it is best we take control of our nation back from the set of hateful people who are currently governing it. Speaking in reference to the immigration bill that is gasping for breath in the Congress right now, Lott informed a gathered crowd that all we need to keep them furrnerrs out is a good, ole electrified fence--much like the one he uses on his goats.

Thought for Trent: perhaps the reason those goats kept trying to jump the fence was to get away from the likes of you. I, too, would hurl myself into electrified wire for that cause.

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E.A. Durden said...

Hey! I've recently discovered your blog and I think it's great--you're really bringing attention to crucial bits of news that one might otherwise miss. Thanks, and I'll keep reading.