Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Ann Coulter: Evil, Crazy Bitch

To be honest, every moment of my day today until this one has been taken up with the topic of HIV: I've had to write an op-ed for the organization I work for, and all of its grantees in this area, about how the CDC's policies have a negative and disproportionate impact on women and girls. I would go into more detail, except I really need a break from the topic (and remind me never to take a job in communications with the CDC--too much jargon.) But anyway, point is, my media landscape has been so severely limited today that the only thing I have time to report is this Ann Coulter craziness that showed up in my inbox today courtesy of HRC.

Short version is, she called John Edwards a f****t (yes, that old gay slur) in front of a huge crowd of conservatives, and then she called Bill Clinton gay on Donnie Deutsch's television show. In the first instance she looked absolutely enchanted with her own evil powers, but in the second, I have to say, she seemed pretty sheepish (if a wolf can ever seem sheepish). I think Donnie surprised her by taking her to the mat on a comment she initially made off-camera, and then when he wouldn't let it go it was like she had no idea what to do. Beautiful--except she's so disgusting all around that it's hard to even take any joy at her discomfort. Even in those moments all I want her to be is gone.

However, the best piece on all this comes from Letterman the other night. Those "Late Show" writers nailed this one right on the head. Another reason why I love America.

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Anonymous said...

Figured this would make you laugh--she went to Cornell and was in the same sorority as CJ and the other roommates :)