Thursday, March 1, 2007

Yale's Most Beautiful People: An Oxymoron?

This little nugget triggered a recollection that has certainly been hibernating in the recesses of my brain since the day in May of 1997 that I was graduated from this particular institution: that no matter how dorky a group of people happens to be, they'll always try to find a way to separate the (relatively) pretty from the not so. I can't believe that I completely forgot that the Rumpus published this Most Beautiful People issue, because even if you disdained it, you couldn't help but grab the first copy you could find (to see whether you, or any of your suitemates) had made it. Anyone who can provide me with a copy of 1997's edition wins $20... and if you can provide me with inside information about what any of those BPs are doing now, I'll throw in 5 more.

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