Thursday, April 12, 2007

Katie Loves Her Some Bearcat

So Imus lost his job--well, the one on MSNBC anyway. It's a good start, and the best part is that it allows me to get back to the things that matter, issues of import like... the fact that this guy I went to high school with is now apparently dating Katie Couric. That's right: Couric, 50, is dating a dude who is 33--and personally, I don't give a darn about the age difference. It's just totally bizarre to hear through the grapevine, and then read in the Post, that someone you shared a dining hall with for 3 years is on the prowl with the anchor of the CBS Evening News. I suppose she's a catch--though I have rather a soft spot in my heart for Meredith Vieira when it comes right down to it.

Oddly, neither my friends nor I can remember for our lives what this guy actually looks like--leading me to believe that Katie isn't just chasing a pretty face. Go get 'em, anchor lady!

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