Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Rockefeller's Rothko Sets the Bar... Real High

Ever wanted to own a Rothko? I have. Don't ask me why, but something about these abstracts--we have a print of one hanging in our living room--always gets me thinking, and smiling, and best of all, wondering just what Rothko had in mind in putting these pieces together--which, apparently, is precisely the reaction the artist was always after.

Well, as it turns out, I am now ever farther away from ever actually owning an original. Recently, the Rothko piece pictured here, "White Center", was auctioned off for $72.8 million--making it the priciest piece of contemporary art ever sold.

Christopher Benfey's article in Slate today (see link above) gives not only a good run down of the auction itself, but also what might be behind the newly astronomical number attached to this particular Rothko piece. Regardless, it looks like my prints are going to have to suffice for a long time to come.

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