Tuesday, May 22, 2007

More Trash for Women Who Love Trash

Did that sound like a dis? It actually wasn't... It's just my way of telling you that there's a new place for us all to indulge in our not-so-secret obsession with pop culture--but with a new female spin.

As of yesterday, Gawker Media is the proud parent of yet another (brilliant) trash talkin' website: Jezebel. This one aims to tackle "Celebrity, Sex and Fashion--Without the Airbrushing"--a.k.a., injecting the "women's perspective" to its media massacre. I can't quite say I can tell what about the site makes it that different from the once-venerable-now-stale Gawker, but I can say that 2 days of reportage (such as it is) has made me smile more than once. And it's the first site I checked when I tuned on my computer tonight--and I wasn't disappointed I did (love the Angie coverage, y'all).

Worth a peek if you're interested in a touch of celeb news... which I'm sure you're not. Ahem.

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