Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Why I Subscribe to New York Magazine

Truthfully, for a long time now it's been a question. Sure, some weeks I feel like I've been stimulated by what I've read (see Katie Roiphe's somewhat unsettling look at divorce); but just as often, I wonder why in the world I've wasted my time keeping up on the trappings of an elite that never quite strikes me as actually worthy of being kept up with.

For this reason, when our renewal notice came in the mail a few weeks back, I threw it straightaway into the trash. Not that I'd made up my mind, of course, but just because it was it clear to me that I wasn't ready to make up my mind. But this week's issue has convinced me I'm ready to write that check for $24.95. No, not because of that article about the infamous High Line and all it will offer NYC. What changed my mind was a tiny little notation in the magazine, which pointed me to this site, created by the alluring Miranda July. It's meant to promote her new book, No One Belongs Here More Than You--and it does that beautifully. But the site itself is also a sublime journey in the mind of one of the more creative folks we've got popping these days... I've read through it more than once now, and the thing has still got me laughing. And I've got my friend Ingrid hooked, too.

So thank you NY Magazine. My check will be in the mail. Tomorrow. I promise.

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