Thursday, February 8, 2007

By Not Living the Truth You Are Supporting the Lie

Props to L.Z. Granderson of for being courageous enough to ask the tough questions about the politics of former NBA player John Amaechi's coming out. Though if I met him, I'd probably give Amaechi a long hug and a pat on the back for telling his truth now, Granderson is right that sooner or later some pro-athlete is going to have to be brave enough to tell that truth while he's still in uniform. Will it be easy? Hardly--and I don't at all dismiss the very real threat to life and limb that said individual might face. But that's what real warriors do: they stare danger in the eye in the name of right, in the name of truth. Isn't it interesting that amidst all this talk of masculinity, Sheryl Swoopes and Amelie Mauresmo--both women--turn out to be the mightiest warriors of all?

Another Ex-Athlete Comes Out? Not Impressed.

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