Wednesday, February 14, 2007

King James!

No, not LeBron... This time we're talking about someone smaller and furrier--the ultimate champion of the 2007 Westminster Dog Show: CH Felicity's Diamond Jim, also known as James. Though a Parson Russell did not claim the crown, I was still tickled pink to be able to correctly identify this dog on sight during his morning turn on The Today Show.

James is an English Springer Spaniel--and a real sight to behold. When my Jackson was but a wee pup he spent some time hanging our with Cavalier King Charles named Roger, who changed my mind about the relative merits of Spaniels (prior to that I had no love for them, my Spaniel experience having mostly been limited to Cockers--ugh). Since then, I've found a real place in my heart for these guys--particularly the English Springer--so it's great to see James win.

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Keep up the good work.