Monday, February 26, 2007

Weekend Round-up

Does anyone else have the same Academy Awards hangover I do? So much hype, and now it's all over. Which is good, I guess, because that means we can get back to thinking about topics other than Tinseltown.

My picks for great reading from the past weekend:

Do the Lives of Mothers Matter?: While here in the US we're taking ever greater measures to ensure the quality of maternal health, around the world, pregnant women continue to die by the millions. Go to the Times' front page to watch a 3 minute video about the plight of pregnant women in East Africa, or, if you have a Times Select membership, read the full article.

Feminist Votes = Hillary Votes??: On AlterNet, an interesting meditation from a young woman who ponders whether her feminist beliefs oblige her to vote for Hillary. It's a question a lot of women are asking.

Women Take It to the Turf: Almost 2 years ago now, I spent a Saturday afternoon at a women's professional football game. It was dope, and the tailgating beforehand wasn't bad either. Now, MSNBC's picked up on the fact that there's a women's league out there worth paying attention to. Plus, Ickey Woods (remember the Ickey Shuffle?) is coaching in Cincinnati! It's an older story, but still relevant.

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