Thursday, February 15, 2007

To Read: INFIDEL by Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Just reviewed in the NY Times yesterday, Infidel is one of those books we should all be reading. It's the memoir of Ayaan Hirsi Ali, whose name you may recognize from the coverage she's received in the international press. As William Grimes writes in his review:
"Ayaan Hirsi Ali came to the attention of the wider world in an extraordinary way. In 2004 a Muslim fanatic, after shooting the filmmaker Theo van Gogh dead on an Amsterdam street, pinned a letter to Mr. van Gogh’s chest with a knife. Addressed to Ms. Hirsi Ali, the letter called for holy war against the West and, more specifically, for her death.

A Somali by birth and a recently elected member of the Dutch Parliament, Ms. Hirsi Ali had waged a personal crusade to improve the lot of Muslim women. Her warnings about the dangers posed to the Netherlands by unassimilated Muslims made her Public Enemy No. 1 for Muslim extremists, a feminist counterpart to Salman Rushdie."
My plan is to pick this one up on my way home tonight. Any feminist counterpart to Salman Rushdie (who might take umbrage at the remark) is hot in my book.

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