Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Prime-time Doggies--Live!

Today marks the opening of the 131st Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, taking place here in NYC at Madison Square Garden. This time last year, Jessica's company got us tickets to the event and we spent the early portion of the evening trawling around backstage, petting and oohing over dogs of all shapes and sizes. For my money (or non-money, as the case may have been) the doggy show ranks up there among some of the best events I've ever been to at the Garden, precisely because any ticket to the show grants you access to this backstage area--where, one year, Jessica saw a woman sleeping in a crate, curled up right next to her enormous dog.

We don't have tickets this year, so I, like most others, will be reduced to watching the championship on television. I've got my fingers crossed, as an owner of the breed, that the Parson Russell Terrier will take home the gold this year. It's a long-shot, but as lovers of Underbiscuit know, you can never count the little man out!!!

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Anonymous said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhh little Jack....where is he living now? Is he a city dweller? We need to meet.

I love the city--but I live in Boston...and sorry to say it, but I think a big, furry, slobbery dog should win this year.

I miss you--