Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Oprah Winfrey is Rad (Seriously)

Last night after getting our Heroes fix, Jessica and I watched Oprah's prime-time special on the founding of her new Leadership Academy for Girls in South Africa. Call me predictable ('cause I am), but I was utterly and profoundly moved by what Oprah has done in giving these girls nothing short of the education they truly deserve. The lives of each of the girls she selected to attend the Academy is a lesson to each of us about all that we take for granted, and Oprah's generosity in providing for the well-being of their bodies, minds and souls is, simply put, awe inspiring. To be able to change lives on such a grand level is clearly rewarding for Oprah, but I imagine that the bigger reward--for her and for humanity--will be seeing how many other people of privilege (which means most of us in the Western world) will be moved to be generous as well, thanks to her own good deeds.

So Oprah is my hero for today. Anybody who chooses to do, and inspire, that much good, definitely deserves our applause. The special will be airing again this Saturday, March 3rd at 8pm EST--check it out, and keep your Kleenex close at hand.

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